Georgia O'Keeffe
By: Ty'Quashia Hart

Georgia O'Keefe was born November 15th, 1887 and died March 6th 1986. She was born near Sun Prairie, Wisconsin.

             Georgia O'Keefe is an American painter from the 20th century best known for her flower canvases. She studied at the Art Institute of Chicago. Her first gallery show was in 1916 given to her by a photographer named Alfred Stieglitz. They soon married in 1924. She has a museum in New Mexico named after her.  

              O'Keefe has 6 siblings and was second born. In 1945 she purchased an adobe house in New Mexico. She moved into her new home after her husband died in 1946. She showed a romanticized view of nature in her paintings. An early example of her early work is Lake George, Coat in red.

"The days you work are your best days" is one of O'Keefe's famous quotes. 3 Facts about Georgia is that she was in her 98 years old when she died. She made over 200 flower paintings. Her vision deteriorated in 1971 and she retired from her artistic life.

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