Peter's monthly income/savings

My monthly income is $76,140 as a computer programmer,my monthly savings is $11,421.00.

I need to put $951.75/month in my savings account.After months,I will have $5,710 in my savings.After a year I will have $11,420.00

My  budget/Groceries

I pay for a lot of things,entertainment,technology,groceries,health insurance,pets.

I buy entertainment with money about $150 to $300 a month.

My parents pay about $110 every month for health insurance.

my parents usually buy groceries from $116 a month including cat food.

I pay phone payment of  about $85 a month and $60 a month on restaurant.


For my house,I chose an apartment 2 bathroom,1 bedroom,in a total of  670 square feet that  costs $733.My car is Ford Mustang that cost $711 for the monthly gas,insurance,and payment.


This project was important to me especially when i'm older and get a job,I can understand better about how i'm going to save more money and be more successful.