Sonnent Poam

Sonnet: is a poem of fourteen lines

Sonnet Poem

A sonnet poem is a poem of fourteen lines, usually in iambic pentameter, that has 1 or 2 rhyme schemes.although there are a couple of exceptions. One of these schemes is known as the Petrarchan, after the Italian poet Petrarch. The poem consists of a group of eight lines, followed by a group of six lines with different rhymes. The distribution of these rhymes can vary. Often, at the point where the eight-line section, known as the octave, turns into the six-line section.

! ...Dont Tell THe World!

I behold thy love as beautiful thing,
In my wrecked heart, a pleasure garden,
Thy revered love, a blooming Eden.
A daisy tuft seasoned by bright spring,
Surging in moments that defeats waiting,
I behold thy words as a jeweled crown,
On my worn pages of despicable frown.
And thy memory feeds my mind dying,
Daring couple disclose, but don’t you tell,
About memoirs many encased and kept,
Say not thy chronicle, sweet as daisy smell,
Buried, not unseen to thy eyes except
Reveal not, the guarded stash of our love,

Lest a rational world desires to know! ! !

By: Seema Aarella