All About Me

By: Bri K.

A goldfish is the first pet I owned and I won it at my Elementary School fair in first grade. I won it for my sister by throwing ping pong balls in a cup. She named it Goldie because obviously it was a "gold'' fish.

Socks were the gift that I got from my grandma this year for Christmas that I pretended to like. They were fuzzy penguin socks that I thought I wouldn't like until I tried them on. These socks were super comfy and I didn't have to pretend to like them anymore, because I actually did.

I will always consider Janesville, Wisconsin as one of my true homes because that is where I lived when I was a little kid. My family lived very close to my grandparents and I had a bunch of high school friends (because my dad was a teacher) who spoiled me and always took me out shopping or to do something fun.

Hanging out with my friends is what makes me the happiest because we all love being around each other and doing things for each other. This picture is from my thirteenth birthday when my parents sent us on a scavenger hunt all over town and even to Spokane Valley and Post Falls.

A place I have always wanted to go is Australia because of the exotic animals and warm beaches. My dad and I especially want to go on an Australian cruise and enjoy playing games and eating on a cruise ship while also swimming with dolphins and sea turtles.