My Style Profile


These outfits basically encompass my definition of girly chic. Practical yet with a dash of femininity.

My Style Icons

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is my style icon. She is the epitome of girly chic. The image she portrays is tasteful, sophisticated and above all, feminine. I aim to  emanate her elegant and chic air and essence.

Scarlett Johansson also my icon. She is curvy and embraces her body proudly. She is sexy and classy and always leaves a bit to the imagination.

My Top Fashion Influences

1. Religion 

My religion and faith have an immense influence on the way I dress. We are encouraged to dress modestly but as I have discovered, it is more than possible to dress modestly and stylishly. I by no means feel restricted when it comes to dressing.


My cultural heritage also influences the way I dress. When people look at me, I want them to see a girl with a diverse and unique cultural heritage. Having Ghanaian heritage inspires me to embrace myself exactly the way I am- the kinky hair, chocolate skin and wide feet.

3. Music

The music I listen to often is based on my mood. I listen to almost every genre- jazz, R&B, pop. I love upbeat music as it makes me feel bubbly and happy, making me dress in a like manner, with a lot of colors. Right now,the jam that has me hooked is I Luh Ya Papi by JLo.

3 Words That Describe Me

1.Confident: I feel have a high self-esteem and enjoy helping others feel good about themselves. I don't let things people say or do discourage me but use those comments as a basis to get better.

2.Fun: I have a bubbly, happy personality and my dressing often shows that. I love working with people and organizing fun activities.

3. Chic: Although I can't always, I like to dress sophisticatedly and in a way that people will respect me and treat me with dignity.

To me, Fashion is...

... a self-expression of one's moods, values and dreams.

I think I am...

... a Fashion innovator. I enjoy introducing bold, new trends and doing things differently from others.

What My Clothes Say About Me...

...I am fun and bubbly yet demand respect.


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those are my clothing styles too