Brynn Monaghan

There had been a lot of improvements in the industrial revolution. From having to make your own fabric out of cotton to making cotton mills to do it for you the industrial revolution set the base for a lot of things we have today we have today. We wouldn't have movies or videos today if it wasn't for Kinetograph (a motion picture camera.). The Kinetograph was the first video camera. We have more high school graduates now than ever and that’s all because of the improvements of the industrial revolution. During the resolution the work environments were small had bad chemicals in the air was unsafe and and had little pay. Now there are laws for a safe and healthy work environment and there’s minimum wage, it wouldn’t be that way without the revolution.We’ve also improved in health. We have less child deaths under one year than there has ever been. There’s also no more child labor the industrial revolution was the reason why we have laws for that today. In conclusion; the industrial revolution has made a lot of improvements.

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