Careers in Media

News Anchors

News Anchors are the people you see on the television when you switch to the news channel. They are the face of what is done in the broadcast, so they cannot be nervous in front of the camera.An Anchor is a person who reports the news on television. They go in depth about the topic. Their responsibilities are to give the information thoroughly. They must be confident and clear. They also have to be correct in the information they talk about. Sometimes it can be ver n.y stressful, due to the fact that they are live. This means they can’t go back and fix their  mistakes, because everyone has seen it.

To be an Anchor, you have to have a Bachelors, or Masters degree in Journalism or any other related field.

The estimated starting salary for a news anchor starting their career is around $30,000.

If you were to relocate to a different city, to get a better chance in securing your job in this field, you probably would want to move to New York City, or Atlanta. You would want to move there, because that's where the major broadcasting shows are held, for Channels like CNN.

Anchors can earn a lot of money, if they are the big stars. They can get around 200K, to the millions. Some famous anchors include...


A career that works in many areas of life, also with a photographer or not, although mainly the journalist writes (articles, narratives, stories, etc.) as the photographer, captures the documented purposes to import in the journalists article. Journalism can be a dangerous task, as they go to war-torn countries,  impoverished cities, and view all kinds of hardships from different perspectives. Journalists give people around the world a glimpse of other peoples' lives.

Average salary of journalists can be around $58,850.


Directors create an overall image of the movie. They manage the artistic aspects of the film. Directors lead the entire operation. Usually the director creates the idea and implements it into the

The required education level to become a director can range from a high school diploma to a master's degree.

The starting salary for directors is $97,000.