Sara Hamburger

Photography Portfolio

Mess With The Bull,

Taken at the Double-D Ranch. I love this pic for its nice lines.

10 Gallon Hat

This pic was taken of my cowboy friend at the Double-D ranch on his birthday. I like this pic because it shows his personality.

Waiting For Dad

This is a picture of my dog, Scooter looking out for my dad to get home from work. I like this pic because it has a good natural frame and you can see the reflection.


This was taken on a country road near McGregor. I love the old-timey look it has.

City Skates

Taken in New York City on a trip. I like the picture because it makes the city look fun and the photo also has good elements.

Park Bench

I took this in Central Park. I like the lines and shadows the two benches create.

Spring Flowers

Taken near my house. I like the sharp contrast in this picture.


This picture was taken at the Double-D Ranch of my cousin's horse, Gus. I like the perspective on this pic.

Burnt Orange No. 97

This young bull had a beautiful speckled coat that I wanted to capture in full color. However, I think taking his face made the picture better because it shows his dark eyes a little better.

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