Disaster Grant announced for philippines

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All residents of Hope Center in Laguna (Metra Manila) were safely evacuated on rubber rafts earlier this week when monsoon-driven waters flooded their campus near Manila Bay. Children and staff have been relocated to safe shelter on higher, dry ground. Flood water will need weeks to recede, and then damageestimates must be made and decisions taken whether the Center can be repaired and reopened.Most of the children have been identified as sexually exploited and receive specially trained counseling and group support to help overcome their abuse. Hope Center in Laguna has been a partner of our charity family for almost ten years, with us providing program funds as well as library, music and playground equipment and the gazebo, which is the central meeting point for Center gatherings.We will be helping Hope Center in the months ahead with the additional expenses the flood has brought, including new housing and clothes for children and staff and our anticipated involvement in repair and reconstruction. __________________________________

Oceanside, 9 August 2012 – ACHF family today announced an emergency grant of € 7.500,00 to strengthen the charity’s ongoing efforts to assist thousands of people thrown from their homes earlier this week by massive flooding which left large parts of Manila crippled under nine feet of dirty, overflowing rain and river water.

Funds will be used to purchase bulk foods for survivors and to provide emotional support and  counseling through ACHF family’ two Mobile Puppet Theaters, in Cebu and Manila, whose staffs from local charity HOPE Worldwide are cross-trained for both education to children against sexual exploitation and professional level assistance to flood victims and disaster workers.

Michelle Laurel, Manila-based Global Program Director of ACHF family, reports that children at the Center of Hope, a residential facility protecting exploited children supported by ACHF family since 1995, were rescued at midnight last night and taken to a school being used evacuation center in Laguna, a community 30 miles from Manila, where streets filled to nine feet or more of rain water and sewage-polluted backwash from Manila Bay.

ACHF’s Managing Director, Dr. Joel MacCollam, visited the impacted area after similar flooding four years ago. “People showed great courage and enterprise in helping their families and neighbors through that horrible period. Today’s waters are twice as deep, and the ACHF global family is prepared to provide continuing support to local relief efforts.”

In 2012, ACHF sent a $370,732 shipment of assorted medication to the Compassionate Franciscan Sisters of the Poor in Naga City, Philippines. Among the medications donated by the National Cancer Coalition were those that treat osteoporosis, high blood pressure and heart failure, fever blisters and shingles, osteo- and rheumatoid arthritis, heartburn and stomach ulcers. Patients in Naga City suffering through these maladies will soon know the relief found in proper treatment.

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