The Silencer

A Sword of Legends

This sword belonged to the great King Fluwoeb, who ruled over the Staegs for the better part of his life. The sword was an ancient heirloom passed down to him from his father. His father put the sword to good use and it helped him gain much fame. Its special features made it better than all other swords during that time. Both its serrated and straight edge did the trick during combat and it swiftly cut down any enemies. The brass knuckles around the handle were useful in both protection and hand to hand combat. Lastly, a removable dagger in the hallowed out handle could be used if the sword ever became damaged or unavailable.

The man seen in the picture above is Fluwoeb. He was an incredible warrior who showed his valor time and time again in battle. After the sword was passed down to him from his father he decided to personalize it in a couple of different ways. First of all he began to engrave tally  marks in the handle for each man that he had killed during battle. Then he added a green gemstone to the middle of the wooden handle. He looted this gem from the first man he ever killed as a souvenir.

Above is the Reaper, a mighty dragon that Fluwoeb was able to take down all on his own. He encountered this beast while stranded in the wilderness after a hard fought battle. Fluwoeb was beaten down and exhausted. He probably would not have survived if it weren't for his mighty sword. The dragon caught Fluwoeb off guard and quickly pounced on the unsuspecting soldier. The man took a swing at the dragons neck as he was laying on the ground and blade did near fatal damage. However the dragon wasn't finished yet. As the sword was stuck in the creatures flesh Fluwoeb pulled the dagger out of the swords handle and finished the job.,_by_Otto_Sinding.jpg

Fluwoeb and his men have also done battle at sea. They raided many ships and looted plenty of treasure but one story sticks out in particular. Fluwoeb and his men were just about to board an enemy ship when a large wave pushed to two boats apart. While his men fell into the water below, Fluwoeb fell onto the enemy deck where he was surrounded by thirty men. They thought they had an easy kill lined up but they were sorely mistaken. Fluwoeb used his might sword to slay all of them. In the end the boat was littered with bodies and Fluwoeb claimed his treasure.

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