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Introducing the owners of the Practice


John Caswell

Over the years I’ve seen a lot of things in business.

Many of them surprising and many of them leaving a lot to be desired. Countless practices that are supposedly designed to help business solve challenges were mediocre. Many of them low value, just plain stupid wrong or unsuited for the world we now operate in. As a result they were frustrating for the people working within them and full of risk, unnecessary cost and expense.

In pretty much every business I worked with I witnessed misunderstanding and confusion around how stuff got done. I experienced real frustration and inefficiency in how companies thought about the future of their operations. From strategy to tactics – from transformation to change – there was an awful lot that needed to be thought through differently.

I decided that my experiences could serve business better.

I learned that logical frameworks could help people think with higher quality. I recognised that visuals could dramatically improve the engagement and understanding of teams and I saw that by being totally impartial business could avoid unintentionally creating yet more problems.

I started Group Partners to overcome all of these frustrations.

Hazel Tiffany

I came to Group Partners originally as a client of the company seeking answers to yet another challenge of this kind

I knew there had to be another way to deal with complex organisations and their challenges and this was my first breakthrough into finding the answer.

Over the last 10 years I have been a partner in the development of the Practice. For me, that means constantly exploring new ways to maximise the use of our approach – particularly in the way that we develop tools and structures that deal with the most complex of issues.

I have a deep passion for uncovering meaning from the masses of information that already exists within our clients’ world and showing them ways to unlock the value that it holds for them.

I firmly believe that it's time that organisations took ownership of their future and allow themselves the luxury of quality thinking. In today’s world, we need more purpose and meaning in every aspect of our lives and that can only happen if we re- engage with and embrace the complexity that exists around us and see it as a dynamic part of the system we belong to.

We're avid collectors of what life teaches us.

On these Tackk pages you will find the many insights and nuggets that inspire us as a business and hopefully sharpen up the world we live in.