Preferred Utilities Manufacturing Corporation

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About Preferred Utilities Manufacturing Corporation

Preferred Utilities Manufacturing Corporation specializes in offering cutting-edge combustion technology to commercial, industrial, institutional, and nuclear power facilities. President David G. Bohn strives to maintain the company’s leading reputation in the industry by encouraging the innovative creation of new products based on dependable design solutions. The five major divisions of Preferred Utilities Manufacturing Corporation receive full support and access to resources and facilities, thereby expanding the capabilities of the company as a whole.

Preferred Engineering (PE), a subsidiary of the company, supplies nuclear power plants with quality equipment that is designed to assist with maintenance, refueling, and outage procedures. By working directly with power plant facilities to meet the specific needs of clients, engineers have developed an innovative line of products like RPV stud hold plugs, and remotely actuated lifting devices.

The rigorous quality control testing performed by the PE team ensures compliance with requirements and design specifications. The testing also gives clients the peace of mind that products are made to meet professional safety standards and will perform as expected. Clients receive attentive technical support and product training for the installation, operation, and maintenance of the equipment.

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