Premiere Dermatology & Surgery, LLC

Premiere Dermatology and Surgery Serves Cosmetic Needs of Atlanta

About Premiere Dermatology & Surgery, LLC

Under the direction of Dr. Windell Boutte, Premiere Dermatology and Surgery, LLC, has been providing dermatological and cosmetic services in the Atlanta area since 2007.

Among its many services, the practice offers an array of cosmetic surgeries, including SmartLipo, a laser-based form of liposuction that is considerably less strenuous than other forms. Patients are often able to resume their normal activities after only a day of recovery. Other fat-reducing operations include fat transfers and tummy tucks.

Premiere Dermatology and Surgery, LLC, also provides antiaging surgical procedures, which include wrinkle-reducing laser treatments and BOTOX. Aside from surgical options, the practice distributes an extensive selection of home skin-care products.

Patients who have questions about hair loss may also utilize the services of Premiere Dermatology and Surgery, LLC. Upon consulting a physician, patients may discover that they are candidates for hair transplant surgery, which can restore hair after a six-month period. For more information, visit

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