The best way to drink whiskey

If this is your first time, it may take you a little time to develop a taste for whiskey. Savored across the world, this alcoholic beverage is produced in a variety of tastes. And you can drink it in more than a hundred ways.

Whiskey aficionados will tell you thousands of stories woven around origin of this drink, and how it grew on to become a favourite drink of people in almost all countries.

We spoke to some whiskey experts, and they shared a great deal of whiskey tips with us; what, however, caught our fancy was this tip:

Take a deep sniff of the whisky, then take a sip, chew it over and let the flavour hit you.

This sounds funny, right? However, there is nothing wrong in trying this tip out. See whether you can see and feel a difference to your drinking experience.

You should also invest in a nice bottle of whiskey. See what the bartender or the man at the liquor shop has to say about this. You don’t need to spend much on the purchase; however, even quality whiskey bottles don’t cost much; the bartender is likely to help you select a bottle or two within your budget.

If you’re at home and feel like hunting down the top premium whiskey or premium liquor brands in and around your region, you can Google it. Enter a query similar to ‘premium whisky brands’ or ‘premium liquor brands’ and hit the Enter key. Spend a couple of minutes browsing the sites, and their offerings.

As we pointed out above, whisky is produced in a variety of tastes; which means you should check out different flavours as and when possible. As of now, the popular tastes include sweet, savory, smoky, spicy, and overproof. Try them out and see which one makes your taste buds happy.

Last, but not the least, if you’re sipping whiskey (or, for that matter, any other alcoholic beverage) for the first or second time, make sure you’ve someone trustworthy around. If you’ve gulped down beyond your limit, and are drinking at a bar, avoid driving; call up someone from home to pick you up and drive home. Don’t ever compete in those silly ‘drink-this-way and drink-this-much’ sort of games; whiskeys and other beverages are taken for fun and relaxation, and not to compete in some stupid games and then end-up fighting with or abusing people around.

Beginners should approach whiskey (and other alcohol beverages) in the right way. There is no harm in speaking with the bartender to understand the right way to drink whiskey, instead of ending-up with a sour experience. For more on premium whiskey brands, premium alcohol brands, please read our other articles.