The right way to drink vodka when you’re taking it plain

The real pleasure lies in pure Vodka, and in sipping it and not shooting.

Vodka has come a long way, from the confinements of Russia to countries across the world. Made by fermenting grains and/or vegetables, the present day premium vodka brands produce different varieties of vodkas, at different price points. If you’re not sure about which vodka to pick, opt for premium vodka brands. And, here is a little help to help you drink vodka right when you’re taking it plain.

Pour the beverage into a small tumbler
Even glasses are important when you wish to savour your drink. Small tumblers are the customary glasses for vodkas. Fill it enough for a few sips as plain vodka may make you intoxicated soon. Shot glasses are also ideal for vodka drinking. Tumblers and shot glasses can easily be bought from online stores.

Sip it
Smell the vodka when you swirl it in the glass. Take small sips, and exhale through nose to fully appreciate its grainy aroma. This may sound fancy to you, but this is how vodka aficionados savour their plain vodka, along with delicious appetizers.

Have something in between your sips
Appetizers, such as smoked fish and cucumbers, are great to have in between vodka sips. Having some food in between will also help in countering the taste and balancing the potency of vodka. Alternately, you can have anything worth eating that you can lay your hands on.

Last, but not the least, you shouldn’t also forget keeping a bottle of the premium vodka brands in the freezer for a few hours. You need not to bother about its getting frozen solid, as the alcohol has a very low freezing point, and thus doesn’t freeze in a standard freezer. This means the vodka bottle won’t turn into solid ice, and you’ll be able to enjoy it thoroughly in the comfort of your home, with your friends and family.

Bonus tip – if clear vodka tastes aggressive to you, then you may try out flavored vodka till you develop taste for clear vodkas. The added sugar content in the drink may reduce its original taste. Green apple and Vanilla are amongst the most-sought after flavored vodkas. However, there are many other flavors that you can try out.

That’s it for this article’ however, we’ll come up with more tips and ideas for the vodka lovers in our next articles. So, stay connected for all that, and informative articles on the best cognac in India.

Vodka has won hearts across the world. For more on vodka drinking, premium vodka drinks in India, Seagram’s Imperial Blue, and Best Cognac in India, please read our other articles, and watch out the others which will soon be published here.