Haiku Deck

  • Allows students to Add Pictures, Graphs, Solid backgrounds, Themes, and Text (Titles, Bullets, Numbering, Paragraph)
  • Students do not have to make an account to use it, but do need an account to email it or share the link to it
  • Great for debates or presentation where the background is comprised of images and titles or bullet point text are added to explain concept


  • Students do not need an account
  • Students can add images, music and audio recordings of their voice for each image
  • Great resource for students to explain concepts associated with images


  • Flowboard does require an account but lets students sign in with their student email address
  • Students can choose from different templates or can start from scratch
  • Students are able to easily add pictures, videos, text, web links, links to different slides in the presentation
  • Students are able to access photos and videos that are house on their iPad or on Google Drive
  • Students can share the presentation through email, with a link, or an embed code


  • The Prezi app does require an account but lets students login with their student email
  • Students are able to choose from a ton of different already created templates so they can focus on the content (much easier than the computer version of Prezi)
  • Students are able to add pictures, text, and links (teachers are able to add YouTube videos)
  • Students can share their Prezi by email or with a link


  • Thinglink does require an account but allows students to use their school email address
  • Students can use images from their own camera roll or images they find online
  • Students can attach links and text to the image
  • This is great for labeling in geography, science, or even explaining events in a picture


  • A Tackk can be created without an account and the link will stay active for 7 days. To save a Tackk permanently students can create an account with their Google Login or with their school email
  • Tackk is an online flyer so students can add to it on their iPad or on a computer
  • Tackk allows students to add headlines, paragraph texts, bullet points, pictures, slide shows, links, buttons, and maps
  • Students can share a Tackk through email, link, or an embed code


  • Keynote does not require students to login (it is Apple's version of Power Point)
  • Students are able to add pictures, text, videos, links, charts graphs, tables, shapes and transitions
  • Students may share their Keynote (if the file is not too big) through email, by opening in another app like Edmodo or Google Drive, by saving it as a PDF, Power Point, or Keynote file

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