Hello, I am Preston Burruss and this is my website on Terry Bradshaw!  I am 11 years old and I am a sixth grade student here at Holman Middle School.  The reason I maid this website is so people could learn about Terry Bradshaw.  Read my website and take the quiz at the bottom Good Luck!

Terry Bradshaws Early Years


Terry Bradshaw was born on September 2 1948 in Shreveport, Louisiana.  He was born a Christian, he recorded gospel and made a top ten song called, “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry.  He was selected for an All-American team while playing for Louisiana Technical University.  Throughout his NFL career he went to several Super Bowls and got several rings.


Throughout terry Bradshaw’s career he went to many super bowls but two of them won against the cowboys.  When he retired in 1983 his stats were: He won 4 Super Bowls Two Super Bowl MVPs, gained 27,989 yards, 32 rushed touchdown, he is one of the greatest quarterback in NFL history.  In the 1970 draft he joined the Steelers.  They had the number one pick because of their record, 1-14.

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  At Louisiana Tech. Terry Bradshaw broke most of the schools records!  He was the number one draft pick in 1970.  At the beginning of the season he was demoted to backup quarterback. But soon after so build his way back up to the starting quarter back.  Throughout the seasons he and his team won 4 Super Bowls!  After retirement he was a football analyst.  He also was a gospel and country music singer.  He has a book called “It’s Only A Game.”



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