Preston Byrd

Business Leader and Real Estate Expert

About Preston Byrd

Senior-level executive manager Preston Byrd possesses experience in many different areas of business, including operations, development, marketing, and growth. Building upon this broad foundation of demonstrated leadership and business acumen, Preston Byrd works to provide strong management and to make sound strategic decisions.

For the past 10 years, Mr. Byrd has been serving as a Senior Partner at Horizon Companies, a firm located in Collierville, Tennessee. During this time, he has provided leadership in many areas of the firm’s operations, managing and overseeing numerous subsidiary entities of the company. He also has played an integral part in project management and planning at Horizon Companies by regularly interfacing with government agencies and groups.

More recently, Preston Byrd took on the role of executive director at Operation Help in Collierville. This nonprofit organization is centered around the local community, and aims to improve and strengthen educational opportunities for children in inner-city areas.  

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