Protect your child not your gun

Americans Culture

The culture of most of the American population needs a gun. For protection hunting and they are just to lazy to go upstairs and lock up there gun when there done so there kids get the weapon and play with it. Lastly,  people believe they need  to have a gun because the United States is getting a lot more dangerous. ( ''Gun Culture and Gun Control Culture'')


The article of the universal deceleration of human rights is the 3rd article. This article is being violated because the article makes sure the safety of one. Which by not locking up your gun as a parent isn't protecting your child or children.('' The Universal Declaration of Human Right'')

How they Suffer

The targeted group would be the children of the in responsible  parents that they don't lock up there guns when they aren't using them. The children could be killed or be severally injured.  The parents think that they are protecting there families but all there actually doing is putting families in more harm than they where in originally. They don't have a goal when they commit this crime.('' Parents Against Gun Violence'')


People have programs to help these children. There has been a global response to these things that are going on. Yes because they have had more people lock there guns in a case then the people that didn't realize the harm they are putting them and there children.(''Gun Violence must Stop. Here's What We Can Do to Prevent more Deaths'')

Prevent by

To prevent the children from getting the guns we should make sure the owners have a place to lock the gun in. Also, we could make sure they have a place before we sell them guns. If they have children.(''Child access Prevention Policy Summary'')

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