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Ariana Shavandy watches as her mom explains how she had a massive car crash on the highway on Saturday. She can't believe that that actually happened. She watches with fear as her mom explains the terrifying details.

Ariana wakes up in a grouchy mood because she now has to wake up at 5:00 in the morning to go to school. She can barely lift herself up enough to brush her teeth. She falls into a deep sleep on the car ride to school. When they come back, they have to get her mom a new car, and they are still deciding on what to get, "How about a Jeep?", "No....", "Honda???", "Eh.", "SUV?", "NOOO!!".

She know sits in class, too tired to do her exams. She barely can lift her pencil to write, "A. C. D. A...................." She wants to do her exam, but she's just too tired. She sits in class watching walls................... Waiting for the end. The end of school, It seems as if it will never come.