Kenneth H.
5th Period
ACA Technology
DCI Assignment 5/26/2015

Previously On...

An Update on Kenneth's Life.

#1: So Kenneth isn't dead just yet. Isn't that great? He's survived middle school for almost an entire year now. What will happen to our hero next? Will he ever make something productive to society? Will we ever proceed in the plot? Find out next time on... Dragon Ball K!
(Dragon Ball, DBZ, & DBGT are licensed products of Funimation and Bandai)

#2: What if Kenneth never gets out of this situation? What if he dies? (Hopefully he does..
-The Editor) Will Kenneth never get to see daylight again? What about High School? Nah, he's just gonna make it.. Is.. he..?

#3: At home, life is just another version of school. First Edition. Collector's Edition. That's right, the very first copy of "School: The Game" is known as Home. Yup. Kenneth is never safe. Let's just hope he isn't dead yet...