Previously on...

It was dark. the world around me seemed black and cold. I could no longer tell where I was. My memory hit me like a heat wave in the sandy plains of Texas. I was sleeping. It was Spanish class and I had just dosed off. I turned to stare at the clock; TICK TOCK TICK TOCK. The rest of class dragged on as I completed my exam.

It was overtime and It was 4th down. We had just made our touchdown and all we had to do was lockout the other team. The Arlington Knights vs. the Grand Prairie Spartans. It was the game that would determine the dominant team of the league. The sun was low as well as everyone's strength. I had made the first tackle during the first play. The ball was set. Sweat dripped down my face as I waited as dead as a mouse. "DOWN, SET, HUT" the center screamed. No one moved. It was a silent play. BOOM! The ball was snapped and off the line. Seconds later... CRACK! Blake made the game ending tackle

I rushed down the corridor of the Prison of Elders. My character was a titan guardian and I was playing with a warlock and hunter. It was the boss round and we were facing the Wretched Knight. we split up when we entered the room slowly chipping away his health. We regrouped in the back of the room and fired rockets. The  Wretched Knight disintegrated and I beat the Prison of Elders for the first time on Destiny.