What About Me :)

Cierra E

My name is  Cierra E, im gonna tell you about me #whataboutme. Im in Tech class #Kettner #Tech21. I travel alot places to enclude Grand Canyon, Las Vegas ( twice), Seattle (un countable amount of times), Montana, Idaho, Hawaii, Utah... Etc...Those events #events have effected my life by seeing and larning about how other people in other states live, what they eat, and their life styles. Traveling has taught me a lot and I faced my fears and got through them. That is how thos events have impacted me and my life!:) My parents got divoced when i was about eleven years old, it was a very tough epirence in my life but i decided to rise to the challenge #risingtothechallenge it was hard to do but i just tried to see the bright side of everything, like new people in my life! Now i have a step dad and a step mom my step dad came first and married my mom and now i have a little sister who is almost two years old! My step mom was next and she showed me all the different things in life like traveling and statistics to life. Although it was very hard to go through the divorce i still tried to be tough and be brave! I love animals and art! Traveling is my destiny i want to have been to all the states before my death. Including Mexico!:) I have four dogs and 2 cats and a bird and a gecko, those animals are all at my dads house! At my dads house i also have a lovely home a step mom,my dad,my older sister,my step brother, and my step sister. #bigfamily ! In the picture that beagle looks like mine!:)

Facts about me

I love exploring and trying new things,  although i have anxiety so it makes things tough somtimes!:( BUT i work through it. I love animals and art and i want to be a home interier decorator when i grow up. I like to design and make my own things. I like to be online and hangout with friends. I like to longboard. I am a good speller, but defenintly not a mathmatition i always have to be moving i cant sit still, whether im messing with im messing with pens, doodling, of moving my legs. I love to spend time with my family they mean everything to me #family! I want to own horses and a pig and a goat when i grow up, and have a nice house with a barn.

More About Me

I have blonde hair and blue eyes and i am a good reader and speller, I love to write stories and childrens books it depends on my mood... I love kids and babies! I have lived in Washington my whole life, but i have moved about 8 times and to about 4 or 5 different schools! I like to shop at the Spokane Valley Mall, and in the Seattle Mall when i go to Seattle! I care a lot about my family and pets and friends and they make e feel importent and special and they mean everything to me and they make me apart of who i am!:)

I want to go to Washington State University because i have wanted to go there since i was little because my brother went there i want to succeed with my Mastors and Batcherlors Degree both so i can be successful, and i try to get good grades so i can reach that goal! #WSU #GOCOUGERS :)

Thats all you really need to know about me! Thanks for reading!:)