The medieval times project by Casey Ayala

The medieval poem:
work all night and i work all day
to pay the pills i have to pay
then why must i stay?
i am bound to live here
Nothing to go hear no where to run my life is done
New places elsewhere await for me but sadly for me it was not meant to be
running slowly of ideas like my freedom
have to pay the bills
in order to have some chills
i canot lend money
isn’t that funny?
The world spins all day long everyday something goes wrong People die
and most don’t even say good bye Living in the great unknown
where i have set my future to stone
day and night
left to right
you have changes our lives
with your deadly knife
work all day
our heads in the game
for so little to pay but none is for us to claim
i must obey and pay
to keep my soul saved
for that i must be brave
so many rules
For us the fools
a lot to live upon
We might catch a glimpse of dawn Dirty water we drink
That the colors will seem pink
with pride we swallow our lives filled with hollow many die
but we hold the lie
some called it the black death
On which also made our mouths have an awful breath
Under the rule of a giant church i canot perch i hold my head down and do as i am told till the day i grow old Many come and go but we still stand low The future is doom i can see my tomb
For i must pay to baptize destiny is upon your eyes Deep black skies watching your soul as it slowly dies No communication to be found our social lives have drowned Forgive our sins in that no one wins and hope to accomplish what was one promise so we can go to heaven in total will be seven.

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