Happy Boss's Day!
October 2014
We love and miss you but we know you're doing great things at Whitcomb!

Jennifer,  thanks for being a great role model and leader.

Jennifer, thanks for being so understanding and supportive!

Jennifer, we love you and miss you! Especially the tech committee!!!

Jennifer, thank you for being so supportive and warm.

Jennifer, thanks for your positive attitude and your caring ways!

Jennifer, thanks for everything.  We're missing your wonderful smile!

Jennifer, thank you for being an awesome boss.
Miss You!

Jennifer, thank you for being such a good listener.

Jennifer, thanks for all of the positive encouragement!

Jennifer, thank you for supporting our character journey.
Miss you!

Jennifer, thank you for all you do!
We miss you!

Jennifer,  thanks for being such a great, special friend to me.  You are in my thoughts daily!  Thanks for blessing me with your sweet smile!  Miss you!

Jennifer, hope you are enjoying yourself!

Jennifer, we miss you and hope you are enjoying your new school. You are a wonderful boss!

Miss you Jennifer! Hope your new school realizes how awesome you are!

Jennifer, thanks for still being there for me, even at another school!

Jennifer, thanks for being such a great source of calm, cool, and collective energy.

Jennifer, Thank you!!
For everything..miss you.

Jennifer, thanks for the time you gave to NPE!

Your flexibility in supporting special education programs at NPE.

Jennifer, thanks for always supporting us and having such a wonderful heart!

Jennifer, thanks for your sweet smile and positive attitude.
You "get it"!

Jennifer, thanks for all your hard work and support.

Jenn, Thanks for always being such a positive influence to our NPE family.
We were blessed to have you for as long as we did!

Jennifer, thanks for always sharing your ideas on how to support our kinder babies!

Jennifer thanks for sharing your heart with so many!

Jennifer, thanks for being so understanding.

Jennifer, thanks for making a great Kindergarten team at NPE and for mentoring our new AP!

Jennifer, I want to wish you the very best on Boss's Day. I miss not being able to talk to you about Cajun food or Louisiana.

Jennifer, thank you for leading the way for North Pointe. You were such a listening ear and such a great addition to our school. We miss you!

Jennifer, we all miss you so much, but we know you are off doing amazing things at your new school!

Jennifer, thanks for being so supportive of your staff and always having your perpetual smile!

Jennifer, thanks for loving us from afar! (Or "a-near" since it isn't far at all, lol)

Jen, miss you tons!!! Your smile ALWAYS made things better and if you chuckled even better. You are amazing!