Chipotle created the "back to the start" campaign to show their costumer's where their food is coming from and how the meat & products they used are not processed!

MEDIA:  "We put it (the ad) on youtube and the next morning, I woke up with messages from people saying things like "we didn't know you could do something so powerful"" (Crumpacker)

Parents are able to grab a quick meal for the kids that's healthy & taste's good at the same time!!! :)

IMPACT: After the Chipotle ad prospered, it inspired other companies. One company that followed the trend was Taco bell. They created a campaign explaining that they also work on minimizing labor cost's, and the brutality of processed meat. Ever since Chipotle put out there ad in the fall of 2011, they have been a company to look up to!

Chipotle inspires there customer's through messages with double meanings. (relating to their lives & their meat)

CONNECTING WITH PEOPLE AND POP CULTURE: Back to the start connected with many customers who already had knowledge of the issue of the meat packing industry because the ad shows the brutality of what the companies do to get their food and how chipotle is different.

The chipotle campaign was one of the best campagins of the 21st Century Because It went viral and it showed the reality of the food industry and what actually happens and how chipotle is different.

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