Ten Principles For Working Together

“Let go of relationships that do not serve you. That means negative people, dishonest people, people who don’t respect you, people who are overly critical and relationships that prevent you from growing. You can’t grow as a person, if you don’t have people in your life who want to grow with you.”

1. A Social Conscience

The ethics of the people we work with matter to us enormously. We will not invest time and energy and share our approach with people who are driven by self serving motives. We all see the world very differently these days and that requires us all to be responsible and accountable. This means to think beyond pure commercial gain and on into a recognition of value to society, people and the sustainability of the world we ALL live in.

2. Authenticity of Relationship

We take the relationship very seriously. We make significant statements around the human aspect of business and the importance on collaboration for good reason. We set a high bar when it comes to the integrity of what we do and our commitment to delivering value.

We trust that our partners really do buy into what we say and believe in (don't simply pay lip service to) it. Additionally we have to have total confidence that claims of value and philosophy actually bear up and are seen to be real in its application in the real world.

3. That Human Thing

We want to work with real (and human) people and that is a difficult one to sum up. The best word we have found is ‘style’ - that imperceptible quality that defines us all. There is an energy, a type and an emotional attachment because we share values, beliefs and ideals. It's very hard to do anything of value where this energy doesn't exist.

4. Flexible Business Models

Working for the client (as well as each other) in a sustainable and proper way requires maturity and transparency as well as flexibility all round. Working with clients in a jointly designed programme requires us to rely on each other to shape a commercial model that will work for each and all of us - and that includes the client.

5. Sharing A Complete Definition of Value

We have made strong statements in our new manifestos that we need to hold true to and this will impact directly any partner who wants to work closely with us. We expect our partners to have read these documents and share the ideas and principles in them.

6. On The Same Page

We aim to partner only with those that share our mission to want to 'change the way people and business think and work.’ In the 21st Century everything about thinking and working differently is tied into our beliefs around creating the #Resilience business.

7. Seamless Integration of Practices

The rubber hits the road in delivery and execution. This means we only partner with those whose practices are intellectually and pragmatically connected with ours. This is designed to make sure we avoid confusing overlaps, unnecessary duplication and (any) frustration for the clients.

8. Alignment and Commitment to the Core Principles

Four fundamental beliefs drive our work.They are not really negotiable and we believe that successful partnerships work because of them.

  1. A passionate and entirely impartial/unbiased search for the right outcomes for our clients.
  2. A strong desire to transfer the capability to do what we do our client where possible.
  3. Agenda neutrality - never seeking to ‘sell’ - whatever the situation.
  4. An ethical trading stance - transparency and authenticity at all times.

9. Adding Value

We have an 'eco-system' approach to working with clients. We don’t do everything (nor could or should we). In many cases for genuine reasons (lack of time or client capacity) we are not able to delve deep enough into specific topics through our engagements and it is perfectly appropriate to look to external and often more 'tactical' expertise.

10. Understanding the 4D Frameworks

Our frameworks and their logic are core to everything that we do. Any partner, no matter what role they play, must understand the broad principles, the philosophies tools and techniques. The 4D methodology and all our core ideas can be found at this link. They will be a fundamental part of how we would be working together.

An Important Definition:

"A Resilient Business is one that always remains relevant to those it serves. It has a clear and authentic purpose and it enjoys the support of those tasked to deliver its vision. It does so by staying closely in tune with the 'dynamics' that surround it and by working in a connected, collaborative and co-operative manner with all stakeholders (employees, partners and suppliers). It is capable of doing this in a way that isn't constrained by geographic, organisational, technological or physical barriers." - Group Partners 2013