Marine Biologist

Main Purpose

The main purpose for a Marine Biologist is very important. They deal with the study of marine life. They also do a lot of more things then study the ocean, they do biological technician, ichthyologist, fishery biologist, marine mammalogist, microbiologist, systems analyst, or a mathematician.

Reports to

They don't really have a person to reports to,but they do work with other biologists and tell them what they found or something.


  • Interested in the marine environment and its inhabitants
  • analytical and problem-solving ability
  • good written communication skills
  • good mathematics skills
  • able to work as part of a team.


  • assess and advise on the causes, effects, prevention and control of introduced species
  • estimate the number of marine organisms and analyse their population features
  • provide guidance to help manage fisheries                                                                                                                                                                                           Those are some of the things that you might do if you want to be a marine biologist. There are more than just that there are way more but here are some basic ones.


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