NCLTI: Unpacking Problems of Practice in Our Work

The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction and the Friday Institute's Digital Learning Collaborative announce a new professional learning series addressing primary problems of practice in our work. Each event centers on interactive, differentiated, and job-embedded activities highlighting resources and tools to build your professional capacity.

All events will be AT the William & Ida Friday Institute for Educational Innovation from 9:30am - 3:00pm

January 10th | Become a Highly Connected Educator

Social Media is a exponentially growing phenomena of online communication and collaboration. Individuals can now connect, and share instantly without the limitations of space and time. In this event, we will be experiencing and discussing the potential of social media tools for marketing and fostering a professional learning digital culture.

February 14th | Engage your Digital Audience

With the movement of information to online environments, there comes a need for quality user-friendly instructional design. In this event, we will be exploring aspects of digital web page organization and design for wiki websites, as well as principles for webinars that encourage active engagement and participation.

March 14th | Connect with your Colleagues

Take advantage of online communication and collaboration tools that break the boundaries of the traditional meeting! In this event, we will be utilizing web tools to develop digital connections among and between colleagues and divisions.

April 11th | Support your Data and Productivity

With the push for data-driven decision making, educational leaders across North Carolina are collecting higher quantities of data than ever before. In this event, we will reflect and discuss tools for Data Collection, ideas for Data Integration, and other tools and iPad applications for work productivity.

May 9th | You Decide!

For our last session, we will compile requests collected from each of the prior Unpacking Problems of Practice in Our Work sessions and develop an event aligned to requests.