Product Assortment Solutions

Cost-Effective Cold Beverage Storage

About Product Assortment Solutions

Optimizing storage space while keeping costs low is the goal at Product Assortment Solutions, LLC. The company's divisions work together to create inventory management tools and storage solutions for rhose who stock and sell cold beverages. With more than 100 years of managerial experience, Product Assortment Solutions helps retailers control costs and maximize efficiency with little required training.

There are two divisions within the company. The software division specializes in computer programs that aid in the creation of a planogram. To make sure retailers and vendors have the same information, the software is cloud-based. The hardware division is responsible for creation and sales of the OptiGlide system. This glide system makes it easy for retailers to store cans horizontally or vertically to maximizes advertising space for some products.

The company believes that customer support is an essential part of its business. It listens to the customer, avoids unrealistic promises, and quickly addresses questions and concerns.

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