Productive Business Solutions in Barbados - Tips For Purchasing Office Equipment

Productive Business Solutions(PBS) offers a range of services to clients in Barbados, all of which are focused on helping other businesses improve the services that they provide. Through their partnership with Xerox they are able to offer quality office equipment and have the following pointers for companies who are looking to purchase good equipment for their offices.

Plan It Out

There is no point looking to purchase office equipment without first understanding what your company actually needs. If you operate a paper-based business, you will need to purchase filing cabinets and other pieces of equipment that will help with admin, whereas companies with more of a technical focus will need to consider equipment relevant to their business.

Do The Research

There are many companies that offer office equipment, so it is crucial that you do your research so that you work with a company that you know you can trust. Discuss your requirements with other business owners and gather recommendations from them. You should also speak directly to each company you consider to gather quotes and find out if the level of customer service they offer is up to your expectations.

Consider It As An Investment

Productive Business Solutions has found that many new companies look at office equipment as an expense an inconvenience, rather than a long term investment. Businesses in Barbados should not look to purchase a piece of equipment just because it is cheap, as it may not be reliable enough to last and could lead to them spending more in the long run.

Productive Business Solutions of Barbados - Ways to Serve Your Community

A great way to get your company’s name out into the community is by helping the community. Along with helping those in your community that are in need, you are also building a reputation for being a company that cares for more than a hefty bottom line. Productive Business Solutions in Barbados is extremely interested in serving the community and offers this advice to companies that are looking to the same.

  • Sponsor a local team by donating money or making a donation in-kind. If your company chooses to donate in-kind you can provide the local team with uniforms with your company logo on it.
  • Set up a volunteer day for your company and its employees. Every community has a plethora of volunteer opportunities including setting up a fundraiser for a disease or volunteering at a community outreach event.
  • Join a local board or commission. There are a number of civic boards that can be populated by regular citizens. Find out what you need to join the board and helps make your community a better place.
  • Become a mentor to the local kids. One-on-one mentoring programs allow you to spend time with an individual, helping them find opportunities in the community and teaching them an individual skill.

Helping those in your community can be a rewarding experience, not only for you but for your company as well. Spend some time looking at your community and find an opportunity that you can enjoy. Productive Business Solutions Barbados is always looking for new ways to serve their community.

Productive Business Solutions of Barbados - Reinvigorate

Productive Business Solutions of Barbados is a company that tries to help increase productivity and efficiency in the workplace. This is something that can be accomplished at every level of a company, from the CEO to the part-time employee. Productivity is also something that is advantageous for everyone within a company as well. If you are a business owner, this will help you generate higher profits. If you are an employee, this may help you move up the corporate ladder and start to develop a successful career. Being more productive and efficient at work is mostly a matter of doing a bit of research and learning tricks and tips to help you perform better than the competition.

According to’s Productivity Tips, “It is important to get up, walk around the office and take a few minutes for a 'mental break.' These short breaks will reinvigorate you and help you be more productive in the long term.”

These breaks are important because they can prevent an activity from getting stale or monotonous. Often a mind that has to continuously repeat the same actions over and over tend to make more mistakes. Redundancy also tends to make people sluggish and less productive. That is why by taking a small break, you are likely to actually improve your overall productivity. That is because these small breaks will help you to reawaken your mind and get it back on task. So this small break pays off later.

Productive Business Solutions Barbados wants an office to run smoothly.

Productive Business Solutions of Barbados - Stay Focused

Productive Business Solutions Barbados has been aiding businesses and corporations with their daily functions, helping them to be more efficient. Productivity and efficiency can be achieved in the business on every single level. This means that each individual employee can have an impact and make a difference every single day. That is why some of the most effective ways to increase productivity, are also some of the cheapest. Simply by properly training each staff member and employee at every level of your company, you can help make them more productive and generate better numbers. This means more profits for you and happier employees that don’t feel overwhelmed by their workload.

According to’s Productivity Tips, “Social media is a part of all of our daily lives. However, to save time you must have the discipline to not spend large parts of your day seeing what your friends thought of the latest movie release or what they had for dinner last night. Many companies are moving towards banning Facebook in the office, as it is becoming a drain on the workday. If you are allowed on Facebook during the day, be sure to use it as a 'break' for just a few minutes, because if it becomes a regular habit, it can easily take over your day and impact the work needed to get done.”

While social media sites can be a good way to stay connected, they can easily turn to distraction if one does not stay focused.

Productivity Business Solutions of Barbados offer many services to increase efficiency at work.

Productive Business Solutions of Barbados looks for new and more effective ways to make and keep their customers happy. Customer service and satisfaction is an important and integral part of any business strategy. That is why if you are a business owner you should consider looking up different strategies, tips, techniques, and resources that will help you keep customers happy. A satisfied customer is likely to return for more service or at least offer a recommendation to a friend. Making your business stand out from the competition can often come down to which customers have the better experience, which is why you should do everything you can to keep them happy.

One thing customers appreciate is a self-service option. According to’s Ultimate Tips for Customer Service, “Many customers want them today: unless you’re open 24/7 or at least all conceivable business hours in all time zones in which you have customers, you need such options. And even if you are open ‘round the clock, many times customers today just want to handle it, or at least be able to check up on it, themselves.”

Customers appreciate being able to access a service at any point in time. That is because life is unpredictable and many customers have a wide variation of schedules. So having a self-service that is open constantly allows for all customers to receive service, not just ones that have a coinciding schedule. This can give you an advantage over the competition.

Productive Business Solutions of Barbados offers many customer service solutions.

Productive Business Solutions of Barbados - Self-Service

Productive Business Solutions of Barbados - Maintain Standards

One of the ways that Productive Business Solutions Barbados has seen so much success is by maintaining a high set of standards for its service. One of the most effective ways to ensure that you have a lasting and successful business is to keep your customers satisfied. This is something that is easier said than done, as you are likely to have much competition in whatever industry you choose. Thankfully, there are many resources, strategies, tips, tricks, and techniques that can help you to develop better customer service strategies and ultimately grow your business and profit margins.

One way to establish a good and lasting bond with customers is to maintain a high set of standards. According to’s Ultimate Tips for Customer Service, “Standards matter. For example, a doorman at a great hotel is rarely blindsided by a guest trying to enter while the doorman’s back is turned. How can that be? Standards. In this case, the standard is usually that ‘‘doormen work in teams.’’ They simply face each other and subtly tip each other off if someone is coming from behind. They quite literally have each other’s back, leading to a consistently comfortable, welcoming, hospitable experience.”

This means that you need to come up with a consistent feel for your business. Set ground rules for quality and make sure that you do not deviate from them. Your customer’s will appreciate and come to rely on your high standards.

Productive Business Solutions of Barbados has many ways to help improve a business’s customer service.

Productive Business Solutions Barbados - Work Smarter, Not Harder: Tips for Office Efficiency

Today, employees are finding themselves having to complete more tasks on a daily basis with far fewer resources than ever before. In order for employees to complete their jobs, they have to become more efficient with their time. Productive Business Solutions of Barbados has been assisting businesses in Central America and the Caribbean become more efficient for more than 40-years and has these tips to help employees work smarter, not harder.

  • Do the thing that you don’t want to do first. Every employee has tasks the don’t like to do. By setting these tasks aside, they often waste time during the day being distracted and worried about those tasks. The best thing they can do is clear their mind and tackle those dreaded tasks first.
  • Schedule a set time every day for quiet time. During this time, you need to avoid checking your emails, answering phones, and getting up from your desk. Take this time to focus your attention on getting your work done.
  • Take a break every 90-minutes and clear your head. If you aren’t able to take a break, switch projects. This will help you stay focused on what you need to get done and help you finish your tasks much faster.
  • Clear your desk and plan for tomorrow. At the end of each day, clear your desk and make a list of the tasks that you need to complete tomorrow. This will allow you to hit the ground running when you get back into the office.

These are just a few small ways for you to increase your efficiency at the office.  Productive Business Solutions Barbados has been helping companies become more efficient for more than four decades.

Productive Business Solutions Barbados - Get Better Network and Computer Security

Businesses both large and small are at constant risk of a network security breach. Productive Business Solutions in Barbados has been helping companies in Central America and the Caribbean find the right solutions for their network security. Here are some of the tips they recommend to keep your network secure.

  • Upgrade your operating system to a 64-bit version. The larger bit version of an operating system is harder for people to compromise.
  • Minimize the use of administrator accounts. For windows machines, the first account that gets setup is the administrator account. However, often times users continue to use this particular account for their everyday activities. This leaves your network open to a myriad of threats you encounter when using email and the Internet.
  • Use full disk encryption on laptops. Full disk encryption gives you an added layer of protection in case your laptop is stolen or lost. Full disk encryption secures all the folders on your system, including your operating system.
  • Keep your programs up-to-date. When your third party programs prompt you to update them, take the time to do the update. If they don’t, manually check for updates from time to time. Many times these updates contain critical security patches for your system.
  • Use strong passwords. All office devices from network devices to NAS drives to printers should have a strong password that contains eight characters, mixed with upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters.

When it comes to your company’s data, you can’t be too secure. For more information about how to tighten your company’s system security, contact a reliable service like Productive Business Solutions in Barbados.

1. Productive Business Solutions Barbados - The Importance of Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is often times one of the most ignored aspects of owning a personal computer. There are many people that think simply use their computer until it breaks, and then shell out hundreds of dollars to have the problem fixed, or they simply purchase a new computer. With a little preventative maintenance, you can often times avoid these issues altogether, as well as keep the cost down when you do need to have repairs. Productive Business Solutions in Barbados has been helping customers for more than 40-years with computer related issues and provides these reasons why everyone needs to develop a preventative maintenance plan.

It will save you money. Avoiding problems with your computer will help you save money in the long run.

It will save you time. Taking a couple of hours a month performing preventative maintenance on your computer will save you the time of having to deal with the hassle of system failures and data loss down the road.

It helps you to save your precious data. The information that you have on the hard disk is much more valuable than the computer itself. Taking the necessary steps to protect your data by performing preventative maintenance makes sense.

It improves the performance of your machine. Over time, parts of your computer will begin to degrade, causing it to slow down. Performing preventative maintenance can help improve the speed of your computer.

Performing preventative maintenance on your computer once a month can save you time and energy. If time is not something that you have a lot of to spare, you should consider hiring an outside company like Productive Business Solutions Barbados to perform the maintenance for you.

Productive Business Solutions in Barbados - Issues All Business Have To Face

The business development team at Productive Business Solutions are well aware of the many issues that businesses can face during the course of their operations and is able to offer advice to companies in Barbados on how to handle many of these issues. They have identified all of the following as hurdles that any business is going to have to overcome at some point or another.

Admin Work
When you first start your business it may be tempting to think that you can handle all of the admin and financial work involved, alongside offering a high level of service. However, sooner or later you are going to find yourself having to focus on one or the other or else you risk exhaustion. Make sure that you have a system in place to handle admin work and can delegate tasks to other employees where needed.

A Failed Marketing Campaign
Marketing is going to be extremely important when it comes to gaining increased exposure for your business and it is something that you need to constantly invest in if you are to see returns. However, few businesses have a flawless track record when it comes to marketing and you are likely to eventually run a campaign that comes nowhere close to offering a good return for the investment. Make sure you learn from the mistakes you made and don’t get discouraged in your marketing efforts.

Bad Customer Reviews
While Productive Business Solutions Barbados always advises businesses in Barbados to place a large amount of emphasis on the quality of their customer service, it is still likely that you are eventually going to end up with a bad review floating around somewhere online. You need to be able to respond to this professionally, offering to help the reviewer with the issue they faced if relevant and doing what you can to ensure this negative word of mouth doesn’t affect the business.

Productive Business Solutions in Barbados - Qualities A Customer Service Representative Must Have

Productive Business Solutions (PBS) Barbados, which was formed in 2005 as the result of a number of different mergers between companies in Barbados, has always placed a focus on providing superior customer service. To do so, it is vital that the company is able to identify personnel who have the qualities needed in order to work directly with customers, so they always look out for the following traits.


A customer service representative must be able to demonstrate professionalism at all times, no matter how heated the interaction with a customer becomes. There will be times when they have to speak to customers who are intent on expressing their frustrations, which can lead to emotional outbursts in less experienced representatives. By maintaining your professionalism, your actions will reflect well on the company.


While it is unrealistic to expect a customer service representative to know everything about a company, they must still work to maintain a solid knowledge base that allows them to answer the majority of the questions that a customer asks. If an employee seems unwilling to learn more when given the opportunity, they may not be suited to the role.

A Good Listener

It is remarkable how many customer service issues can be resolved just by listening to the customer. Productive Business Solutions Barbadostrains all of its personnel in Barbados to give clients the opportunity to talk, as this allows the representative to identify the issue they need to deal with, in addition to ensuring the customer doesn’t feel as though they are constantly being interrupted.

Productive Business Solutions in Barbados - How To Improve Your Sales

The business development team at Productive Business Solutions Barbados is able to offer advice to other companies on how to best tailor their sales strategies to their intended market, often using the groundwork laid down by PBS’s own sales team. There are a number of ways that a sales team can improve its sales, including all of the following.

Less Pressure

A potential client, particularly one that you are speaking to for the first time, is often going to be wary of your company and the promises that it makes. This means that you need to be wary of placing too much pressure on the client, instead exercising a little patience and answering any questions that they may have. By trying to push them towards a sale straight away, it is likely that you will cause them to hang up and thus lose the lead forever.


No matter how good you may consider yourself to be as a salesperson, it is always worth trying to improve in any way that you can. You should be focused on exceeding the targets set for you every month, which means you need to be able to identify your weak points and put the work in so that you can improve and provide a better service.

Sell To Needs

A good salesperson never tries to push a product onto a person without first establishing whether or not it is something the client actually needs. Productive Business Solutions has noticed that a number of the companies that it works with in Barbados do this and recommends focusing on the client base that actually needs your product, or working on ways to explain to your client why they need the service you provide.