Professional Football Player

Description of the Career: An athlete that gets paid to play football for a living.

Required Skills: Skills required for pro football players are to be at their fittest and strongest potential.  They are usually expected to be able to bench multiple reps of 225 lbs on bench.

Educational Requirements: Players must be at least 3 years out of high school or play college football for at least 3 years. After their junior year, of college a player can declare to go into the NFL draft if they think they are ready for it. Most decide to stay for their senior year. Some go back to college in the offseason to finish their degree.

Salary Expectations: The minimum annual salary for a rookie player is $420,000. The average salary for a professional player is about $2 million.

Future Outlook: The sport of football does not look like it is going anywhere. As long as the sport has fans and the demand to play it, I  think there will always be a need for professional players.

Benefits: You can stay active and healthy in this career, plus you make money by doing something fun.

Similar Careers: Careers similar to this would be to play in the Canadian or Arena Football Leagues. Another idea after pro football would be to become a coach.

Why I Picked This Career: I picked this career because I love to play football and stay active. My goal is to get a scholarship to play in college and a dream of mine is to make it to the pros.


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