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Rules of Programming

When something goes wrong involving a computer program, there are two places to look.

The first rule of programming is "The computer will do with great speed and moronic stupidity exactly what it was programmed to do." ... so the first place to check is the programming. What did you TELL the computer to do ... not what did you THINK you told the computer to do!

The second rule of programming is "Anyone who says that the data is clean, lies!". So if the first rule has been checked out, and garbage still comes out, then garbage must have gone in, in the sense that an unanticipated error in the data occurred. (This frequently is the result of a program specification that says "This condition can never happen.", that is then relied upon by the programmer!)

So if a program misbehaves ... in any way ... it's worth examining it carefully in the light of these two rules.

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