By: Alison and Marissa

We got the angelfish, the Mickey mouse platy, and the long fun minor tetra.  the angelfish cost 5 dollars. Mickey Mouse cost 1 dollar. The long fin minor fish cost 3 dollars. The angelfish needs 29+ gallons. Mickey needs 10+ gallons. Tetra needs 10+ gallons. Angelfish water temperature needs 76-86 degrees , Mickey needs 72-82, and Tetra needs 72-82. We used the formula 2a + 5b +3c = $27.

We got a medium fish tank. It is 36 x 15 x 20. So it holds 46.9 gallons. This tank can hold our fish. The tank cost $225. We also got a water filter which cost $70. We got a heater so the fish will stay nice and comfortable. The heater cost $36.  Sandy shore gravel which cost $77.

We got the jungle pod and the corkscrew plant.  We also got the castle bridge and the volcano.  the jungle pod cost $12.00. The corkscrew plant cost $1.50 each. We bought 2 corkscrew plants.  The castle bridge cost $25.  The volcano cost $25 dollars. this all cost us $501.5.

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