And how do they effect you and your community

Gangs where are they?

any where in the world that their are people living at.

Who are the people who join them?

Any kid or child could join a gang which means that you need to know how dangerous it is to be in a gang.

Why are they made?

The reason is that the kid who makes the gang is neglected by everyone who he or she knows so he or she makes sort of a family of their own its also if he or she doesn't have much money so they form a gang to steal money.

Why is it dangerous to join one?

The reason why is because most gangs have something you have to do to get in the gang like winning Russian rollette or killing another kid or friend his or her age.

How you know if someone is in a gang

  sudden drastic change in appearance - hairstyle, clothing, accessories with distinctive designs

•Insists on wearing certain color combinations, or specific athletic teams, and never wears others

•Shows a change in attitude towards family, friends, and authority figures

•Develops an unusual desire for privacy (beyond normal teenage behavior) - refuses to tell you where they are going or who they are hanging with

•Stops hanging out with old friends won't tell the real names of new friends

•Draws gang symbols or sayings on books, furniture, clothing, hands or arms with an ink or markers, or gets them permanently tattooed on body.  

•Shows signs of suspected alcohol or drug use

•Obtains large amounts of cash or merchandise

•Displays evidence of vandalizing property with graffiti presence of spray cans, paint marks on clothing or backpacks, wide tipped markers, blank stickers Finding evidence that they produce graffiti might reveal that he or she is a "tagger". While tagging is still an illegal act of vandalism, taggers are not automatically associated with gangs.


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