Red Kayak

Red Kayak Book

Brady has two best friends, J.T and Digger. He loves his life and he has some of his neighbours as his friends, the DiAngelos. His friends don't like them at all. Brady gets shocked when he finds out the DiAngelos' kayak sinks. He wants to know if somebody purposely sunk the kayak and it means his life.


Priscilla Cummings:She writes books mostly for children.She lives in Annapolis,Maryland.A former newspaper reporter and magazine writer.She graduated for the university of New Hampshire.

Character Info

Digger: Is friends with J.T. and Brady.He gets angry quite fast and sometimes he swears. He is not respected by his father so he just likes to meet his grandfather who is in the hospital.

J.T. Is a hard working honest kid he was home schooled until……. he works 8 hours in the farm each day was picked on at school and his father was in the hospital.

Brady: Is friends with Digger and J.T. and his sister was 2 when she died, he spent most of his summer crabbing, his father worked in the workshop most of the time, he also babysitted Ben Mr. and Mrs.D'Angelo son


Brady lives in Chesapeake Bay near the Corsica River. Lots of people crab there and fish like Brady's dad. the Chesapeake bay holds more than 18 gallons of water.More than 150 rivers and streams flow into the bay.

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