By Chris Eley

Amphibians are usually cold blooded, smooth skinned vertebrates that belong to the amphibia class. Most amphibians begin life as larva or a tad poll. When they are first hatched they acquire gils and as they grow older they acquire air breathing lungs. an animal that can breathe in water and on land is described and labeled as an Amphibian. Animals such as frogs, toads, salamanders, newt, and caecilians.

The characteristics of the amphibian are a unique and are a positive to them and the environment around them. The fact that they can live and breather under water and off water is a good advantage to them when in need of escaping a prey both on land and off water. If the land environment is too tough to roam at the time, the amphibian can change from from land to a better under water  environment for better survival.

Animals that are apart of the amphibian class are frogs, toads, salamanders, newt, and caecilians, there orders are Anura, Caudata, and Apoda.Amphibians are presented in 3 subclasses Ichthyostega, Lepospondyli, and Lissamphibia.

The characteristics of an amphibian such as a Newts are cold blooded. Newts are carnivores and they like to feed on the spineless and smaller animals that roam around with it. The newt itself goes under a process call metamorphosis. this is where the newt actually becomes an amphibian by getting the ability live on both land and water. Newts can also be sometimes toxic to its predators in order to protect itself.

Alytidae, Is made up of small frogs found in accompanied in water and have an ordinary life history. They contain ribs from post metamorphosis. These frogs are also known as the mid wife toads; they look so out of this world, some even look like toads. The male frog carries on its back eggs, even on there legs too. The male frog carries the eggs until it is time for them to hatch and when they do he will release them into the water.

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