Canada Tourism

By: renee Blucher, Anthony Hoglund

Bilingual is when someone can speak two languages. In Canada most people speak English and French.

Canada's People: Most Canadians live in southern Canada. The population is relatively 31 million people. They often live in places where there is favorable combination of geographic features and economic opportunities.

Multiculturalism is an acceptance of many cultures. Canada has many cultures.

Transportation Corridors are paths that make transportation easier such as rivers and coastal waters.

Canada's History: The British and French first settled in the 1600's. The British settled in northern most Canada and the French settled in the southern most.

Canada's Economy:  Canada has a strong economy built on natural resources, and a variety of industries. Canada is also a leader in the global economy.

Canada's art and entertainment: Canada has rich traditions in arts. The government is highly supportive and, it funds more then 8,400 artist and art organizations each year.

Pierre Trudeau was the Prime Minister, of Canada, from 1968 to 1984. While he was the prime minister he made the Charter of Rights, which is similar to the U.S Constitution.

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