Once you join Miami University's PRSSA you choose which committee you want to get involved with. All of the committees are an important part of the club and help to teach you more about Public Relations or your specific major. Each semester, committees accept new members!

PR for PR

The members of this committee are responsible for scheduling and publicizing PRSSA events around campus, such as meetings, workshops, speakers and volunteer opportunities.


Each year the Fundraising committee organizes several events to raise money for the chapter, as well as a philanthropy to benefit another organization. This committee helps with brainstorming and organizing several events that will allow for growth of the chapter.


The programming committee focuses on organizing and planning events for our meetings. We also are the main contact and communication with the potential speakers. We are the ones that book the speakers for each semester, and are the liaison for the organization with them. We are always striving for new and diverse speakers and working to provide opportunities of networking for all PRSSA members.

Online Communications

This committee focuses on the organization's online communications. A new aspect of the committee requires chapter involvement with dedicated graduates. Creating a network of alumni will not only provide valuable contacts for our members but also will give graduates a chance to share their knowledge of the industry through lectures or workshops.


PRemiere is the Miami University PRSSA newsletter. Each semester multiple newsletters are created and include articles about on-campus events, PRSSA-promoted activities and news stories pertaining to the public relations industry. To view the most recent copy of the newsletter, visit our PRemiere page.

PR Visions

While not technically a committe, this student-run PR agency is a great asset for our club. PR Visions accepts its members earlier and through a separate process than PRSSA's committees. Members work with real clients from the surrounding Oxford area. PR Visions members receive class credit and a grade at the end of the semester.