The French Revolution

The French Revolution was about when the French raised taxes on bread. They only raised taxes for the peasants though, this is what sparked the French Revolution. The Queen ended up getting beheaded because it was not fair for the peasants and they were mad about it.

This all started when the French fought in the war between the British and the Americans. The French used their own money to buy supplies to fight in the war between the British and the Americans. When the war ended the French didn't have any money nor they didn't have anybody to lend the money.

The Americans didn't have any money to give the French because the Americans were just starting out as a new country and were broke. The Queen decided that since there were more peasants than rich people , the she would raise the taxes on bread for the peasants. The peasants were already poor and didn't have no money to pay the taxes on the bread. The peasants were starting to stave and they were tired of it so the started the French Revolution.