Back to the 50's
Jose Zuniga

I awoke in the backseat of a Ford Thunderbird. Three other people another guy and two girls were also in the car. They seemed very familiar. The guy, with his dark jeans and tucked in white t-shirt with rolled up sleeves to his shoulder, told me to wake up and hurry into the restaurant.

We stopped at a Milkshake and Burger Restaurant. As I got out of the car I saw my apparel, a black leather jacket with some blue jeans. On my feet I had the newest edition Converse All-Stars. I enter the restaurant I am seated with the group of people that were in the car. The two girls, very beautiful and of short stature. One sits next to the guy that drove. I find his name is Johnny. The other girl has red hair and blue eyes. With her white top and pink skirt, she sits beside me. She tells me her name is Donna, and we work up a conversation. We eat our burgers and we are on our way. A hot, sunny day, saw us, take a trip to the beach. The girls are wearing their hair long, and other with it short. The way of life is beautiful here. nobody worries about a thing. Prosperity is in abundance, and everybody just seems very happy I still do not know in what period I have ended up in.

After the beach, we change out of our beach clothes go cruising. This is very fascinating as I have never done this. We drive by the beaten and by the buildings I know we are in Los Angeles, CA. We turn on the radio and I finally know the date. May 25, 1955, I am in the 50's, and I do not want to leave. The end of the day has us at at the drive - in movie theatre. The movie is, of course great, but what amazed me was the theatre. The cars and the atmosophere in the theatre.

I fall back asleep in the back of the Thunderbird. I awake back in my seat. The clock reads 1:13 PM. The date, March 30, 2015. I am back in my normal time.

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