Christian Funeral Services In Asia

One of the most prevalent religions practiced in Asia is Christianity. Funerary customs observed in households are based on the beliefs and rites in Christianity.

Because of this, Christian funeral services are made available by many funeral homes.

In choosing a funeral home, you may ask your local church for a recommendation to find out which one is reputable and reliable to carry out the proper burial customs. After a choice has been made, the funeral home staff should be well-equipped and well-trained to guide you through the next steps. They will ask you about legal documents needed to be processed or submitted, about choosing between a casket or burial or cremation (although if you are part of the Eastern Orthodox Church, the latter option is not allowed), and about the scheduled program of the following memorial service leading to the burial. A minister will also be needed to officiate the memorial service.

Ask a priest or a minister of the church the deceased attended frequently. If the deceased made prior arrangements of who the minister will be, respect and follow through with his or her decision. But if there was no prior minister of choice, the funeral home, as part of the Christian funeral service, will make arrangements with an available minister. A funeral coordinator will then be asked to help out with services in coordination with the officiating minister.

As part of the funeral service, the family, the minister, and the funeral coordinator will sit down and talk about other important details of the service. Some of these details would include participating speakers, picking stories and Bible verses, inviting guests, and creating a music playlist.

Other things needed to be discussed with the funeral coordinator involves preparing for other aspects of the funeral program. Other things that need to be coordinated are flower arrangements, guest arrivals, audio and visual needs, and reception details. Service handouts are also taken care by coordinators to serve as a token or remembrance. Guest books are a fixture in Christian funeral services for guests to sign in. Family members may find this signed record of attendance as a heartfelt gesture.

The actual Christian funeral service may last thirty to sixty minutes although the wake can last for three to seven days. If there are more guests expected to arrive, the family may extend the time of the wake. If there is a large attendance, the actual service can last for more than an hour for everyone to have a moment to say their farewells to the deceased.