Black Rhinoceros

By Connor Wilson and Austin Walsh

The Black Rhinoceros is in the Rhinoceros family, it is on the brink of extinction. its is also surprisingly not black.

It lives in multiple biomes including the grassland, savannas , and tropical brush. The rhinoceros lives on only one continent Africa and lives in 7 different countries.

The diet is mostly leaves, shoots, and twigs.

Black Rhinos only have one predator, humans. Humans kill this animal for sport and its horn the horns are used in Asia for medicine. They also kill the rhinos for there skin. Humans have killed so many that there population got lower then 2,000 in 2003. People only kill the rhinos for sport and there horns. The medicine from the horns is now useless since other stronger and more effective medicines have been developed.  

The Rhinos are level red endangerment witch means there population is lower then 10,000. there are two level after that including less then a thousand and less then one hundred.


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