The time I went to UTA

Stephanie Sanchez

When I went to UTA it was huge there was a lot of little apartments besides the university. When our group mates went inside it was big and it was really cool.! We had to seat were I guess it was the basketball court it was inside the university. I love how the teachers/students were teaching us new things  and do experiments I was funny, cool, and interesting

Would consider applying to UTA in the future? Why or why not?

Well when I saw UTA it look really cool and interesting but I don't know because I was thinking to go to TCU in the future but maybe if I really want to go to UTA than that will be the one. I really love to go but I still don't know maybe next year i probably know what to choose.

Which part of the day did you enjoy the most?why?

The part that I enjoyed was when we went to eat with my friends.!

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