Checking in on a Theory

Yesterday, you came up with a message that you thought was shown in at least 2 of the Peter Reynolds's books we have read so far. (Impressive thinking, by the way!!) Today, you are going to check to see if your same message carries through in another Peter Reynolds book, Going Places. Today, you won't have to come up with a message. Instead, you will see if you can find the same message as yesterday in today's book.

Try this as a way to begin your post: Yesterday, I said that the message Peter Reynolds was teaching was ______________. I think that this message (is OR is not) in the book Going Places.

(If it is in today's book: Tell where the same message is shown in today's book.)

(If it is NOT in today's book: Instead, I think the message in Going Places is...)

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3 years ago

Yesterday, I said that Peter Reynolds was trying show that you should be kinder than necessary. I think that this message is also in the book Going Places. The boy sees an idea that is different from his own and he is not critical of the girl. Also, she agrees to team up with him which shows they are both kinder than necessary.