Zuma Beach High School

By Gabrielle Ramos and Laura Maiorano

Our mission statement is "At Zuma Beach High, we provide excellent academics, a beach campus, and a comforting, family environment. We will give our students the opportunity to learn and enjoy school. "

Zuma Beach High School

There will be an indoor and outdoor cafeteria, outside hallways and many resources open to all our students!

About Our School

Our school is open to children in grades 9th to 12th. It is located in Malibu, California. It is a co-ed, public high school.  School will start at 7:30 am and end at 2:30 pm.  The school will able to have about 3,000 students.  We will provide beach activities and classes to the students!

Academics and Activites


Science (Marine Biology, Health, Chemistry & Environmental Classes) Math, Social Studies (Geography, History), ELA and Writing, Reading, English Drama, and Technology.


choir, drama, art, band, yearbook, yoga, photography & flim, and robotics


surfing, beach volleyball, basketball, football, track, cheerleading, swimming, dance and beach soccer

Resources for the School


  • Notebooks, binders, school-given ipads/laptops (mostly for textbooks)
  • Science lab, IPads/laptops and technology lab

Problems and Motivation:

The problems would be handled by the authority of the school. Depending on the situation, either the teachers or principal will handle it. The guidance counselors will be there to help.

The students will have an end of semester/year beach party to keep them motivated. The school will keep track to the students and their academics by giving them homework, tests, projects, and report cards.

About the Teachers

  • adults
  • needed teaching degree

The teachers will be interview and need to be qualified.

2-3 teachers for each class

2 guidance counselors

The teachers will bring comfort to the students and help them learn and grow.

Our school will do our best to provide a loving environment and an academic system to help your children feel at home, and learn while doing it!

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