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Since 1995, Toledo's Attic has been Toledo's and Northwest Ohio's virtual museum with a focus on the region's commercial, industrial, and social history from the late 19th through the late 20th centuries. Visitors will find historical essays, research articles (in Northwest Ohio History) photo galleries, interactive media, video, virtual exhibitions, and other resources needed for school, private, and scholarly research. Educators will find these collections valuable for teaching history and preparing students for History Day and other events. The collections will also support other innovative projects that use emerging technologies. These collections as well as RSS feeds and social media will help researchers connect and discover relevant digital and traditional resources at the participating archives, libraries, and museums in Northwest Ohio. Toledo's Attic continues to promote collaboration among interested scholars, students, and citizens, and invites contributions of historical essays and photographs.

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Toledo's Attic is a co-operative project of the Ward M. Canaday Center of the University of Toledo, the UT Department of History, the Toledo-Lucas County Public Library, the Maumee Valley Historical Society, and WGTE Public Media. We also thank Tedd Long for his generous support and the many volunteers who have contributed to the project throughout the past 17 years.

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city facts teledo

Year Founded: 1872
Latitude: 83-57-53w


Area: 44.12
Population: 284,012
Time Zone:12:20
Mayor: Michael Bell

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