The Best Summer of My Life Was 2013

It was my sixteenth summer, and from what I've heard is supposed to be the best summer of your life. For me personally my summers haven't been all that great, but everything was about to change. I remember being in the kitchen thinking this is just going to be another long boring summer. So feeling discouraged I prayed to God that he would change my summer that this would be the best summer of my life, and he did exactly that. I went on a missions trip to an orphanage in Flordia searching for something not knowing what I was looking for. That week I learned a lot about love, about sacrifices, about surrendering God your everything. It was just about the gorgeous turquoise water, or the beautiful summer romance. It was more about giving my heart to Christ and this is exactly what I did, and right after that God gave me the opportunity to lead one of my friends to Christ which was a great feeling I'll never forget it. I developed wonderful special friendships that year, and I will never forget the summer I gave my heart to Christ i'ts changed my life drastically. God truly did answer my prayer, and gave me the best sixteenth summer I could ever imagine.