Persuasive Essay

   Do you think the world needs better people? The issue we have is that the world needs more good people. I think we need more good people In the world because one criminal can have total control over millions of innocent people, and with more good people the world is a safer place.

  The reason we need more good people in the world is so criminals don't hurt the innocent. For example when 9/11 took place these terrorist killed many innocent Americans. Not only did the kill innocent Americans the whole United states came to a stand still. These terrorist had total control over the United States. On the anniversary of 9/11 they still have control over some Americans. Many people don't go to to work or they don't send their children to school in the fear that another terrorist might attack again.

  Another reason we need good people in the world is so the world is a better place overall. For example parents want to let their kids go outside and play without worrying about someone taking their children. Also with no criminals in the world there will be no crimes, so we would all be safe. With more good people in the world there is better roel models for the young generation. Which will lead to a safer and better world with no criminal activity.

  Although some people might argue that we need bad people I'm the world so the world is balanced. For example without out any criminals in the world there would be no need for law enforcement. All these important wouldn't have jobs, so we do need bad people in the world. A lot of people say where there is good there has to be evil. In order to be a hero that hero has to defeat the villain. In the end people say we need bad people in the world for these reasons.

  From my perspective I think we need more good people in the world and less bad people. The reasons we need more good people is so we don't have the evil hurting the innocent, and so the world becomes a better place. The way we change the world into a better place is by changing your self into a better person and having positive effects on everybody.

Letter of Recommendation

To whom it may concern,

I am recommending Mr.Ramos to this University. I currently know Mr.Ramos because he was a former student. I am qualified to write a letter of recommendation for him because I taught him, and had him for class.

Mr.Ramos is a very hard worker he meets the requirements of this University with high SAT scores and a high GPA. He can contribute to the college with new ideas in engineering. He is always on time to class, and is always in class. Mr.Ramos is a very hard worker in class and always turns everything in on time. Overall Mr.Ramos is a great student and a pleasure to have in class.

Mr.Ramos is a perfect fit for this university and is well deserving of this spot to attend college here. He has great organization skills and will keep up with all his classes. I think Mr.Ramos will succeed in college and finish with a degree.

If you wish to reach my phone number is (915)-235-6754

Sincerly, Isaac Fonce

Letter of Intent

Fonce, Isaac James

16374 Dragon Crest

El Paso, Texas 79938

May 18, 2015

Miguel Trevizo, CEO


14400 Pebble Hills

El Paso, Texas 79938

Dear, Miguel Trevizo

I have to offer many skills I want to become a high school teacher for your school district. I have skills in the the math department and can teach from grades 9-12. I will assure you that my students will learn something in my class and pass the test that are needed to go to the next grade. I will help my students when needed and do everything to help them. I am willing to go the extra mile for my students.


Isaac Fonce


Isaac Fonce


16374 East Cave


To obtain my job and grow as a professional in my career.


Jane A. Hambric 2004-2013

Sun Ridge 2013-2014

El Dorado 9th Grade Academy 2014-2015


2011-2012 Assistant Welder

Munoz Fencing

Help with anything my employer needs help with such as moving poles etc.


Great speaker