Argument Writing

Do you think that family is important? I Know that family is the best thing anyone can ever have. One important reason is that the are there through thick and thin, they can help you through whatever you need. I will admit family can get on your nerves and be annoying at times. On the other hand they will be there in the end. In short you should cherish your family and love them while you can. In short, Family should be your first priority.

First, you feel comfortable because they already know everything about you. They’ve known you since you were little. They know all the embarrassing things that have happened to you. Your family knows all your flaws and your ups and downs. Family knows what you like and what you don’t like.

Admittedly some family members may not be trustworthy. The might have done something to you for you not to trust them. One of them probably lied to you about something that you really cared for. Your parent told them something and not you and they kept it from you. For example your dog died and they kept it from you.

However they're still going to love you in the end. They just can’t make you disappear you're always going to be there. If they say one day that they hate you and they wish you never lived. Even if you do something that they don’t like or they don’t agree with you on. like if you get in a relationship with someone they don’t like they should learn to like the person all that matters is that if that person makes you happy.

Consequently, family should be your everything. But sometimes you may have to make some sacrifices or decisions that may be hard. If you get married then that’s a different thing now you will have to focus on your own little family. And if you have kids of your own you’ll have to attend them and make sure their good. Family should be taken care of and to not let anything harm them.

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